Louis died suddenly in October, 2000 at the age of 15 on a soccer field from an undetected congenital heart condition. An AED could have saved his life. Every three days a young person is lost in the US due to sudden cardiac death. Lack of an AED on-site and personnel trained to save a life prevent all attempts to avoid these tragedies.

The Louis T. Savino, III Foundation

"Getting to the Heart of the Matter"

Dedicated to increasing awareness of, and preventing, sudden cardiac death (SCD) in youth.

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Savino Foundation Co-Founders
L to R: Toni Pellegrini (Mother of Louis Savino)
Lorraine Sikora (Aunt of Louis Savino)

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Northampton Township
Northampton Township Recreation Center, 2019
Southampton Baseball
Southampton Baseball, 2019

NFL Offensive Guard Jahri Evans is currently the spokesperson for the "Think AED" campaign launched in September 2016 by The Louis T. Savino, III Foundation and The Philadelphia School District. The Memorial Foundation dedicated to increasing awareness of, and preventing, sudden cardiac death (SCD) in youth. The Jahri Evans Foundation along with The Louis T. Savino, III Foundation is committed to working towards the goal of having every Philadelphia School equipped with a working AED. http://www.jahrievans.com/

A Silent Killer

It shatters dreams and ends young lives abruptly. Each month in the U.S. seemingly healthy youth collapse and die suddenly. They lose their lives on fields, in gyms, schools and on basketball courts due to undetected heart disorders.
Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) can save them, but they are often not available.

CPR and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can mean the difference between Life and Death…

Our Mission:
Awareness Education Detection

Established in the year 2000, the Louis Savino, III Foundation raises funds for lifesaving devices known as Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). In keeping with our fundraising mission, our focus is on yet another type of AED…Awareness, Education & Detection.

Awareness: providing information about the warning signs of SCD and providing equipment and funding the purchase of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), for schools, gymnasiums and athletic fields.

Education: sponsoring CPR and AED training programs for teachers, coaches and students to provide essential lifesaving training.

Detection: crusading for comprehensive school physical examinations at a time in life when it becomes possible to detect previously unknown symptoms in order to prevent potential SCDs ­ potential early deaths from heart failure.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

An AED is a device about the size of a laptop computer that analyzes the heart's rhythm for any abnormalities and, if necessary, directs the rescuer to deliver an electrical shock to the victim. This shock, called defibrillation, may help the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm of its own. For each minute defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival is reduced by 10 percent.

Early defibrillation is the link in the Chain of Survival! Learn CPR and how to use an AED today.

AED Basics to Save a Life

  1. Educate first responders as to the protocol for responding to a cardiac emergency.
  2. Be sure the AED is visible, properly marked and accessible at all times. An AED hidden behind a locked door will never save a life!
  3. Check the batteries and pads once a month and immediately notify authorities if units are not functioning.
  4. Using an AED within 4 to 6 minutes increases the survival rate to 60%. Without an AED the survival rate decreases 10% for every passing minute.
  5. In case of a cardiac emergency, call 911 immediately, then begin CPR/AED usage.


Since December, 2000 the Louis T. Savino, III Foundation has:
  • Provided funding for nearly 50 Automated External Defibrillators to schools, camps and youth-based athletic organizations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, Indiana, South Dakota & California.
  • Provided funding for CPR & AED training programs having trained more than 200 coaches, school personnel & parents to save a life.
  • Consistently monitored daily news searches across the country for the incidence in youth sudden cardiac death cases and AED saves. Maintain a comprehensive database that charts various trends for the purpose of understanding the population at greatest risk for sudden cardiac arrest. Data has been used for several independent studies in the absence of a national registry.
  • Lobbied and testified in Harrisburg to support the passing of several bills related to the improvement of school physicals & the mandating of AEDs in schools.
  • Served in various capacities as advocates for keeping youth safe by making school and youth athletic group presentations, creating awareness around hidden heart defects and promoting heart-safe schools.
  • Appeared on a number of news shows, documentary videos and newspaper features to promote the necessity of AEDs where youth reside.


"He looked like the picture of health"..."she was energetic and so physically fit"..."how can this happen to a child?"

These words frequently accompany the stories in newspapers all across the country. Ever since the passing of young Louis Savino, Foundation members research cases of sudden cardiac death (SCD) in youth from reputable news sources.
Each year, thousands of children, teens and young adults suffer sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) Often, the outcome is sudden death.

In Search of AEDs

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are amazing, intuitive units. They are the main link in the chain of survival. Having the unit readily available and knowing how to use it enables otherwise helpless individuals to do all they can to save a life. AEDs DO make the difference between life and death. Sudden cardiac death (SCD) typically occurs as a result of a structural problem with the heart or as a result of a hereditary heart disorder. It can also occur as a result of heat exhaustion or a concussion to the heart known as commotio cordis. The aftermath of these events can affect children and adults in a profound way and leave them with an indelible memory.

Please join us in our crusade “In Search of AEDs”. Whether you are a parent, grandparent or if you have friends or family with children, ask if they have these units available in their schools, in their gyms and on their fields. If you know of a school, youth organization, camp or student athletic program that is in need of a grant for an Automated External Defibrillator and lifesaving training, please have their representative contact the Savino Foundation at (215) 369-9696.


We fund AEDs and CPR Lifesaving for schools, camps, youth athletic facilities and youth-based programs across the country.

Only organizations who are classified as non-profits qualify for our grants; all applications are subject to in-depthreview by our Funding Committee.

We rely on ambassadors such as school nurses, principals, teachers and parents to spear-head these efforts to help keep youth facilities heart-safe.

Get started today on this LifeSaving Mission!!

Contact us at savinofoundation@aol.com or call 215-369-9696 to receive a funding application.

Awareness Brochure-Heart Disorders in Youth

Help us prevent sudden cardiac death in youth. Today, more than ever before, young people are involved in competitive sports...

Prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest

This 30-second piece was created by Parent Heart Watch to raise awareness about undetected heart conditions.

The Louis Savino Foundation is an affiliate of Parent Heart Watch -- a national network of families who have lost children to sudden cardiac arrest.

Gone in a Heartbeat Video

AEDs should be in every school to protect every child.

T. Pellegrini & L. Sikora are featured in, Gone in a Heartbeat produced by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Youth Heart Watch group under the direction of Dr. Victoria Vetter, Chief of Cardiology.



In The News...U.S. Sudden Cardiac Death Cases in Youth

Age 15 - Texas - High school soccer coach’s daughter dies at practice with her club - 08/19/21

Age 16 - Nebraska - Omaha South football player dies after collapsing - 08/11/21

Age 19 - Virginia - Student dies after collapsing during football team's practice - 08/09/21

Age 15 - Georgia - Georgia high school football player, 15, dies after collapsing at practice - 07/27/21

Age 16 - Pennsylvania - Philadelphia High School Football Player Dies after Collapsing During Scrimmage - 07/14/21

Age 13 - Nevada - Legacy High School Student Dies During Athletic Practice - 06/30/21

Age 16 - Ohio - Princeton High School Athlete Who Collapsed on Soccer Field has Died - 06/25/21

Age 18 - California - Kennedy High School football player dies after collapsing at Friday Night game - 03/19/21

Age 17 - Indiana - Fishers High School Student Collapses, Dies on Basketball Court - 03/18/2021

Age 17 - New York - Wallkill High School student, member of football team, dies after collapsing during practice - 03/01/21

Age 16 - Louisiana - Denham Springs High School Football Player Dies - 09/18/20

Age 17 - Pennsylvania - Lasalle College High School Football Player Collapses and Dies After Practice - 09/04/20

Age 16 - Arkansas - Athlete Who Collapsed During Football Practice Has Died - 08/17/20

Age 17 - California - Palisades High School Soccer Player Dies - 08/15/20

Age 19 - Maryland - Towson University student collapses while playing basketball, dies - 02/28/20

Age 14 - Mississippi - Tupelo Middle School student dies after collapsing at basketball practice - 02/07/20

Age - South Dakota - Dupree High School Basketball Player Dies During Practice - 12/03/19

Age 16 - New York - Student Dies After Collapsing During PE Class at Edison Tech - 11/19/19

Age 16 - Indiana - Student Athlete Dies During Wrestling Practice - 11/04/19

Age 11 - Texas - Texas Softball Player, 11, Tragically Dies After In-Game Collapse - 11/05/19

Age 15 - Minnesota - Esko Football Player Dies After Collapsing During Game - 10/11/19

Age 19 - Florida - Warner University Football Player Dies Following Non-Contact Football Drill - 10/07/19

Age 11 - Texas - 11 Year-Old Dies after Collapsing on Football Field - 09/28/20

Age 13 - Oklahoma - Middle Schooler Collapsed and Died on Football Field - 09/24/19

Age 15 - Missouri - Missouri High School Football Player Dies after Collapsing During Practice - 09/04/19

Age 13 - Michigan - Saranac Boy Collapses at Football Practice - 08/26/19

Age 16 - Illinois - High school girl dies after participating in basketball drills in sweltering heat - 08/13/19

Age 13 - Pennsylvania - 13-Year Old Boy Collapses, Dies After Playing Football - 08/14/19

Age 17 - Georgia - Arabia Mountain High School Dance Team Member Dies - 06/10/29

Age - Louisiana - Amite High football player collapses, dies after Tuesday evening practice - 06/19/19

Age 14 - Florida - Florida School District Suspends Summer Football Practice after 14-year old dies - 06/12/19

Age 17 - Georgia - Community Mourns Student Death - 06/10/19

Age 21 - South Carolina - College Baseball Player Collapses During Practice, , Later Dies - 04/02/19

Age 15 - Virginia - Student Collapsed During Gym Class - 03/13/19

Age 16 - Missouri - East St. Louis High School Athlete Dies After Collapsing During Training - 03/08/19

Age 11 - Ohio - Boy Collapsed, Died While Playing Basketball - 01/29/19

Age 17 - West Virginia - Teen Collapses, Dies During Football Workout - 01/18/19

Age 15 - Georgia - High School Student Collapses, Dies During Varsity Basketball Match - 01/11/19

Age 16 - New York - High School Student Dies after Collapsing at Basketball Practice - 12/26/18

Age 16 - Illinois - Student Athlete Collapses, Dies Playing Basketball - 11/04/18

Age 17 - North Carolina - Union Pines student dies after sudden collapse - 09/22/18

Age 17 - Texas - Robert E. Lee High School Girls Basketball player dies after fainting at practice - 09/18/18

Age 17 - Florida - Sebastian River High senior died Saturday after basketball event - 09/18/18

Age 18 - Iowa - Teen Collapses, Dies while at School - 09/10/18

Age 25 - West Virginia - Bluefield State College athlete dies suddenly during pickup basketball game - 08/28/18

Age 16 - Mississippi - Bahalia High School Football Player Collapsed during Game, then Dies - 08/24/18

Age 13 - Texas - Teen Football Player Dies after Practice - 08/24/18

Age 19 - Kansas - College Football Player Dies after Practice - 08/01/18

Age 16 - Washington - Federal Way High School Student Dies After Summer Conditioning Football Workout - 07/24/18

Age 18 - Maine - University of Maine Student Dies During Pre-Season Football Workout - 07/24/18

Age 17 - New York - High School Student Dies During Marching Band Practice - 07/16/18

Age 15 - Ohio - Southern Ohio Teen Dies After Collapsing on Lacrosse Field - 06/09/18

Age 17 - Virginia - Charlotte High School Basketball Player Collapses & Dies During Game - 05/26/18

Age 12 - Illinois - Boy Dies After Passing out in Middle-School Classroom - 05/11/18

Age 15 - Ohio - Erie County High School Student Dies After Basketball Practice - 05/10/18

Age 14 - New Jersey - High School Student Dies After Collapsing During Gym - 05/08/18

Age 16 - Arizona - High School Football Player Dies Afer Collapsing on Field - 10/22/17

Age 14 - Florida - Student Collapses and Dies During Physical Education Class - 11/30/17

Age 21 - Ohio - Kent State Student Dies After Collapsing on Basketball Court - 12/06/18

Age 13 - Florida - Student Collapses in School Gym & Dies of Enlarged Heart - 12/05/17

Age 15 - Florida - High School Student Dies During Soccer Game - 12/22/17

Age 18 - Ohio - Student Collapsed and Died During Band Rehearsal - 03/05/18

Age 12 - California - Sixth Grade Student Dies After Collapsing during Physical Education Class - 03/08/18

Age 14 - Kansas - Eighth Grader Dies after Collapsing During Gym Class - 03/08/18

Age 8 - West Virginia - Boy Dies at Soccer Practice - 05/03/2018

Age 16 - CA - High School Track Athlete Dies Suddenly After Collapsing - 03/17/15

Age 17 - Georgia - Josey High School Student's Fatal Collapse - 10/13/14

Age 13 - Illinois - Boy dies after collapsing during basketball game in Plainfield - 2/6/15

Age 13 - Michigan - Frankenmuth Community Mourns Loss of 13 Year Old Middle School Student - 2/2/15

Age 13 - Delano Eight Grade Boy Collapses, Dies During Gym Class - 1/27/15

Age 13 - California - Boy Dies After Collapsing in Gym Class - 1/26/15

Age 18 - Massachusetts - Barnstable Man Dies While Playing Basketball - 12/30/14

Age 15 - Rhode Island - Boy Dies After Collapsing at Rogers High Basketball Practice - 12/30/14

Age 18 - Georgia - Lassiter Student Dies After Collapsing in Class - 12/18/14

Age 16 - Oregon - Lincoln City Student Collapses, Later Dies During Physical Education Class - 12/16/14

Age 13 - Texas - Port Arthur Student Collapses in School Halls, Later Died - 11/06/14

Age 12 - Alabama-Student Collapsed at Church Event, Later Died - 11/05/14

Age 17-Georgia_Josey High School Student Collapsed & Died During Pick-up Basketball Game -10/13/14

Age 7-California-Student Dies After Collapsing in Classroom - 10/02/14

Age 17-NorthCarolina-High School Football Player Dies after Collapsing - 9/26/14

Age 12 - New Jersey - Salem Football Player Collapses, Dies during Practice - 9/23/14

Age 15 - Florida-Krop Senior High Student Collapses in PE Class, Later Dies - 9/21/14

Age 17-Michigan-High School Student Reportedly Dies after Collapsing - 9/10/14

Age 16-New York-Curtis High School Football Player Dies after Collapsing at Practice - 9/01/14

Age 16-California-Calexico Student Dies at School of Apparent Cardiac Arrest - 8/29/14

Age 13-Alabama-Pell City Eight Grader Collapses in Class; Died of Heart Problem - 8/28/14

Age 18-Maryland-Morgan State University Athlete Dies after Collapsing - 8/24/14

Age 18-North Carolina-Belmont Abbey Soccer Player Dies After Collapse - 8/22/14

Age 14-South Carolina-High School Student Collapses on Track, Dies - 8/20/14

Age 13-Illinois-Boy Collapses, Dies at Basketball Practice - 8/20/14

Age 14-Florida_Boy Dies at High School Football Camp - 8/13/14

Age 16-Pennsylvania-Burrell High Football Player Collapses, Dies at First Practice - 8/06/14

Age 20-Colorado-Woman Collapses During Half-Marathon, Then Dies - 7/23/14

Age 22-Minnesota-WSU Football Player Dies During Workout - 7/21/14

Age 17-California-High School Tennis Player Dies 8 Days after Collapse on Run - 7/16/14

Age 15-West Virginia-Healthy Teen Athlete Dies Suddenly - 5/24/14

Age 7 - Heart Defect Cited in Philly School Boy's Death - 5/21/14

Age 14 - Mount Laurel, NJ student collapses, dies during physical education class - 5/21/14

Age 13 - Student Collapses, Dies after Physical Education Class - 5/14/14

Age 16-Teen Collapsed during Basketball Game, Died 3 Days Later - 5/09/14

Age 13 - Student Collapsed during PE Class - 5/09/14

Age 16-Teen Basketball Player Collapsed, Died During Tournament - 5/03/14

Age 10-South Carolina-Boy Died at Baseball Practice had Enlarged Heart - 5/01/14

Age 17 - Illinois - Marist High School Student Dies after Collapsing at Senior Overnight Event - 4/25/14

Age 14 - Connecticut - Teen Collapses, Dies at YWCA - 3/24/14

Age 16 - Virginia - Student Collapses During Half-Marathon - 3/18/14

Age 16- Virginia-Teen Dies after Shamrock Half-Marathon - 3/17/14

Age 16-Teen Collapsed and Died During School Field Trip - 2/28/14

Age 14 - Middle School Student Collapses, Dies Following Basketball Game - 2/18/14

Age 14 - Student Collapses During Track Tryouts, Later Dies - 2/17/14

Age 14 - Student Collapses on Campus, Dies After Running Laps - 2/17/14

Age 12 - Tennessee - Myrtle Student Dies From Cardiac Arrest - 2/07/14

Age 21-California-Defensive End Dies After Collapsing During Workout - 2/07/14

Age 16-Teen Athlete Dies During Track/Field Practice - 2/04/14

Age 15 - Student Collapses, Dies During Basketball Game - 1/30/14

Age 12 - Texas - Student Dies After Collapse at Middle School - 1/29/14

Age 15 - Student Collapses, Dies During Cheerleading Practice - 1/23/14

Age 17 - Student Collapses, Dies Following Basketball Game at School - 1/22/14

Age 12 - California - Seemingly Healthy Athlete Dies Playing Soccer - 1/20/14

Age 15 - Godby Student Collapses, Dies During Track Practice - 1/14/14

Lives Saved with an Automated External Defibrillator

Savino Foundation in the News and Related Articles

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Louis T. Savino, III Foundation
215 W. Hanover Street
Newtown, PA 18940

Telephone: (215) 369-9696 E-Mail: savinofoundation@aol.com

Men honored for using an AED to save a friend’s life after going into Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

On Saturday, June 4th, 2016 The Louis T. Savino, III Foundation together with the Rotary Club of Hatboro presented Life Saver Awards to Bill DeHeer, Joe Johnson, and Jason Holloway who saved the life of Steve O'Bott (3RD from left in photo) during a pickup basketball game at the Phil-Mont Christian Academy gymnasium. The four men meet every Wednesday in the gym for an early morning game of basketball. During a game on the morning of Wednesday May 11th, 2016, Steve went into sudden cardiac arrest. Bill, Joe, and Jason immediately sprang to action and with the help of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) saved Steve’s life. The AED, which was located in the gym, was donated by The Louis T. Savino, III Foundation and the Rotary Club of Hatboro in 2012.

Savino Foundation AED funding in the USA (more than 60 AEDs placed so far)